• Ecocare does good again!

    Dear Pedro and Eco Care Staff, Our office looks BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for cleaning so thoroughly; this is what we've been looking for! We're so thankful for y'all. Take care! Lauren H. | Pure Life Chiropractic
  • Accu-Tech Testimonial

    Dear EcoCare, Rudy and his crew have really turned the situation with EcoCare around.  He has been consistantly on top of taking care of every detail.  He and his crew had an extremely rough night on Wednesday, which is the night that they come to Accu-Tech. They still made it, and when everyone got here Thursday 04/05/2012 they  had just finished, ensuring that everything was taken care of.  Rudy and his crew made sure every thing was clean, regardless of their crazy night.  We are grateful for their hard work. Rudy has been very helpful getting things worked out with us. The bathroom are super clean, paper towel bins are being filled consistently, and we are impressed.  We just wanted to give you an update and to this point feel alot better about our relationship due to the positevity Rudy and his team have expressed. Thank You, Alma H. Accu-Tech Corp ~ Austin, TX Branch www.accu-tech.com/locator/Austin